3 Oct

He’s barely ONE and I’ve already had several mommy meltdowns!

The worst one crashed down on me this past Monday. He wasn’t misbehaving but he was extra clingy than usual. I couldn’t leave his sight, not even for a moment to go pee and when I did…he would start to cry. No matter how much I tried to comfort him…he fussed. Usually I am able to ignore it but his irrational freakouts made me lose it. Totally. I just screamed and yelled. I didn’t want to say unkind things. I didn’t want to tell him that just about everything he did that particular day was driving me nuts. But I did and I should never lose it like that with him.

After I put him to bed that night, I went into the bathroom and I cried as I took a shower. I cried because I felt like such a bad mom!  I cried because I was so angry and resentful and just tired! I cried because we have no family support around to help us out! I cried because as much as I love Sage, there are moments in my life when I don’t enjoy being a mom…

I am not very good about talking about my struggles. I often fear that I am burdening someone else if I tell them about my problems. I fear they will just feel like I am whining and complaining. So I keep it to myself. Until I can’t take it anymore.

Parenthood isn’t a walk in the park! Nothing prepares you for the sheer stress yet the utter joy that motherhood is…


28 Sep

We had a minor hiccup when I first introduced rice cereal to Sage…his first taste of solid food! So I introduced small quantities of Gerber’s 1st pureed vegetables and fruits instead. My first pick was the sweet potato. He refused at first, made a face but after tasting the sweet, simple flavor, he ate and finished every last drop! Success! So I bought a couple of the other flavors…banana, carrots, apples and pears.

The more receptive he was to the pureed vegetables and fruits, I decided to prepare my own baby food! One of the big myths about making your own baby food is that it takes FOREVER. There is certainly a time commitment, but if you cook efficiently, it is pretty simple. I also want Sage to grow up thinking it is totally normal to eat five different fruits and veggies a day. It’s my responsibility to cultivate his taste buds & let him experience anything & everything he can, so there is a better chance at liking the healthy stuff!

I steam or bake just about everything! I believe in keeping it simple, so I really only have made the single food recipes and there is also a GREAT blog, if you are looking to save some money, called Wholesome Baby Food. Not only does it give you a bunch of recipes, but there are food charts and it has a lot of important & credible information. So far, Sage has tried and enjoys eating kiwi, blueberries, tofu, spinach, avocado, eggplant, zucchini, parsnips, squash, oatmeal, peas, broccoli and cantaloupe. Additionally, I started feeding Sage baby porridge since he was 7 months old. He still eats porridge every day for dinner and he just loves it!

The Grand Finale giveaway by Nikki Jennifer Photography

12 Jul

Boo :(

We didn’t win Part 1 but here’s Part 2 and the grand finale anniversary celebration giveaway by Nikki Jennifer Photography! It’s an opportunity to win a 1 hour photo session with Nikki Jennifer Photography

Again…both Sage and I are crossing our fingers and toes too.

All good wishes and positiveness are appreciated!! ^__^

Nikki Jennifer Photography Anniversary Celebration Giveaway

11 Jul
I love taking photos of my little Sage but only a few come out looking cute and not blurry. To have a photographer who specializes in taking beautiful baby portraits would be so, so AWESOME! Came across this giveaway by Nikki Jennifer Photography, LLC on Facebook and I’ve entered to win a Mini Collection from Simply Baby Photography.
Lisa takes amazing photos and I’ve been a *secret* fan of her newborn and baby portraits!
It will be a nice and fantastic birthday present for Sage if we get picked as he turns ONE in October! We’re both crossing our fingers and toes too. Hehe…
Wish us luck!

Planning: Baby’s First Birthday Party

3 Jul

Sage is turning 1 on October 17 and I should have started planning his first birthday much, much earlier. Like in January of this year! I’ve talked about it but never took action until a couple weeks ago. First birthday parties are typically a big celebration for friends and family and is a tradition here in Hawaii to make it BIG!

After researching on the various possible venues and even checking a few possibilities, we finally secured a location yesterday. We put down the deposit. Non-refundable too! At least we don’t have to worry about the food and beverages since it’ll be provided at the venue. Now to work and decide on the guest list, invitations, birthday cake, favors, centerpieces, decorations, entertainment…that will fit our budget without breaking the bank!

I can’t believe he is going to be one, they grow so fast =( it doesn’t even seem like a year.

Have you ever tried preparing a baby’s first birthday party? What tips can you share with me that made your party entertainment memorable?

Has it been that long?

13 Jun

Woah! I haven’t blogged since giving birth!

I went in to labor the next day and baby Sage Satoshi was born on October 17 @  7.44am. Stats: 8lbs 9.6oz and 21 inches

Now, he’s almost eight months and I have yet to start planning his first birthday party…and starting to go into panic mode.

It’s been an interesting journey so far as we all grow together, teaching and learning from one another and let’s not forget of the sleep deprivation on my part.

Breastfeeding wasn’t always easy in the beginning either. Learning how to breastfeed took a while to master, both myself and baby Sage. My main problem was low milk supply and then not realizing until we met with a lactation consultant at Kaiser that baby Sage was not correctly positioned and not latched on properly. It took a few weeks, even months to build up my supply and now we’re both pro’s at it.

Parenting a newborn has had it’s ups and downs. Best part: The cuddling, the smiles and how cute and loveable he is! The worst: Not getting enough sleep and not knowing why he’s upset and not being able to soothe him quickly enough. I felt like I didn’t know what to do and was worried he’ll never be happy!


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